ICAI-LIC Group Term Insurance Scheme for Chartered Accountants and Spouses

Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), under the Committee for Capacity Building of Members in ICAI, is facilitating ICAI-LIC Group Insurance Scheme for Chartered Accountants Members and their spouse.

The annual premium to be paid in case of Members for the sum assured of Rs. 10 lacs is specified in the official website of the ICAI. For details please visit https://www.icai.org/new_post.html?post_id=15416

The salient features of the scheme:

• Competitive rate of premium for Insurance.
• Payment of Premium for a year for getting the Life Insurance coverage.
• Rate of premium is varying to the mentioned age group.
• Members aged between 21 years to 64 years are eligible to join the Scheme.
• Spouse aged between 18 years to 64 years may join the scheme.
• No Health or Medical Underwriting is required at joining of the scheme.
• Life Insurance Coverage of Rs. 10 Lacs for member of ICAI.
• Life Insurance Coverage of Rs. 5 Lacs for spouse.
• Settlement of claims through ICAI.
• Entry to the Scheme is valid duly on confirmation by LIC/ICAI.

The decision of LIC will be final in all cases of Insurance Coverage and ICAI will not bear any responsibility for the same.