ICAI sends Notice to Medias for Publishing Defamatory Cartoon and Article against Chartered Accountants

Friday, January 4, 2019

The Institute of the Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI ) has sent a notice to two news media, one for publishing a cartoon mocking the Chartered Accountants and second for publishing an article disreputing the CA profession.

In the first instance, the media company published a cartoon under the category ‘iToons’, which according to the Institute, made a mockery of the CA Profession. “It is extremely unfair and unjust to portray the Chartered Accountants in poor light which will create a negative impact on the minds of the general public towards the profession of the Chartered Accountants. Such publication has caused irreparable loss to the prestige of this great institution which is carefully built by illustrious visionaries by this profession.”

In the second case, a leading newspaper published an article stating that the Chartered Accountants prefers to directly meet the tax officials and conspiracy with them demand huge amounts from the taxpayers. “The aforesaid publication has brought disrepute to the profession and tarnished the image of the profession of Chartered Accountants.”

“The aforesaid news item is far from the truth. It is extremely unfair and unjust to state that Chartered Accountants are in conspiracy with tax officials to demand huge amounts from the taxpayers. The statement that the State tax anti-corruption bureau has caught chartered accountants and tax officials in the scam is not based on facts and evidence. This news item is, therefore, baseless and incorrect.”

The CA Institute also directed the two media to publish an unconditional apology.