ICAI Launches online e-Sahaayataa Platform

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has launched e-Sahaayataa(https://help.icai.org/), an online platform to address the query, concerns or grievances. Through this online platform you can share your concern and this will be addressed within the specified deadline. You will receive the solution/suggestion and way-forward. Since its launch, this platform has already resolved 3,79,642 references, and it is receiving appreciations from users, mainly members and students. This system is now available on the ICAI Now mobile app and accessed by the members using this platform.

Governance matters are always on top priority for ICAI, and technology is the best way to manage, resolve and deal with the issues of a large group like CA members and students. ICAI has all along endeavoured to encourage the appropriate corporate governance and provide assistance in laying down the benchmarks. To effectively manage the education & training and other professional requirements of our huge membership and other stakeholders, ICAI has about 70 Committees, Groups and Departments that work thereat.

This e-Sahaayataa platform is a monitored multileveled platform and concerns if not addressed within deadline reach higher authorities on their own. Its effectiveness streamlines ICAI’s personnel’s administrative complexities too and provides an interactive space facilitating in effectively redressal of the shortcomings, if any.

ICAI has and will continue to play an active role in the uplift of best corporate governance practices and their encompassing acceptance in the industry. Working with the Government, it has submitted many memoranda on various aspects of corporate governance, besides bringing out publications on the provisions of independent directors from the perspective of good corporate governance and holding relevant conferences, workshops and symposiums to inform, train and update the industry.