ICAI Launched Centralised Distribution System for Study Material

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Institute of Chartered Accountant (ICAI) has developed and commenced a centralised distribution system (CDS) to centrally dispatch and deliver updated/ revised study materials to students. The new portal is available at https://icai-cds.org with option to cater to Members, registered students and other stakeholders.

This system will save on finances, obsolescence, duplicate transportation, manpower, etc. and will help updated/revised study material to reach the doorstep of students saving their time and avoiding out-of-stock situation.

Through this system, students after completing registration/conversion of any level will get automatic notification (email/ SMS alert) regarding their login id and password (with the option to change password). The Students will get SMS alert only after their registration has been confirmed by the concerned Regional Office and not immediately after the student has completed the online filling of registration form. Under this system, the students can track their dispatches and submit their feedback.

The student can have an overview of how to order under CDS at https://icai-cds.org/ICAIShop/help.jsp.