ICAI GST Sahayata Desks

Monday, May 29, 2017

To support the Government with smooth implementation of GST, post July 1st, 2017, the ICAI through its PR & CSR Committee, had set up ICAI GST Sahayata Desks to facilitate small businessmen, traders, shopkeepers and public at large.

ICAI GST Sahayata Desks at more than 200 locations through 5 Regional Councils, 163 Branches and 48 CPE Chapters of ICAI were made operation.

The main objectives of setting up these Desks were to
• Creating basic awareness on GST (An Overview of GST)
• Informing about benefits of GST in Tax and business environment
• Guiding in Migration
• Helping in filing GST Returns
• Providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
• Resolving queries of a small Businessmen and traders
• To spread the message that ICAI and members are assisting in implementation of GST

ICAI has always been supportive & contributing towards various initiatives taken by the Government.