Canada (Toronto) Chapter of ICAI launched helpline for Members interested for getting CPA Canada membership

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Canada (Toronto) Chapter of ICAI has launched a helpline platform in this regard. We are very fortunate to have our members Dweep Mehta, Priyanka Baidya, Saoli Chakraborty (recent successful CPA Candidates) who have offered their guidance to members who are interested in pursuing CPA.

The CPA Canada helpline will be structured as follows:

An email has been created for members to send their inquiries to CPA helpline team at their convenience. The CPA helpline team will monitor and review the questions received and respond with their appropriate guidance within 48 hours.

The goal of CPA Canada helpline will be to address the following areas:

• Guidance on the registration process including relevant documentation required (Application Forms, Letter of Good Standing etc.)
• Guidance on the process to become a Member of CPA Ontario
• Information on fee structure, due dates, registration, workshop, exam etc.
• Information about coaching classes available in the market
• Information on study materials available in the market
• Any other questions relevant to pursuing the CPA Canada pathway for ICAI members.

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