ICAI Course on Blockchain Technology for Professional Accountants

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Digital Accounting & Assurance Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is conducting five days Blockchain Course for Professional Accountants.

The course is designed to introduce the concepts of blockchain and explain the fundamentals of blockchain from perspective of a professional accountant.

The Course would cover issues pertaining to identifying opportunities and risks in blockchain ecosystem, understanding of governance and regulatory issues, areas where professional accountants can render assurance services related to blockchain implementations.

During the course, the participants will get an opportunity to learn about Blockchain fundamentals, importance of consensus in transactions, smart contracts, how transactions are stored on blockchain, characteristics of cryptocurrency and digital wallets, etc. In addition, participants will also be learning about Ethereum development platform, other blockchain platforms and its working in addition to practical applications and use cases of blockchain technology.

Who should attend?

• Professionals in Practise who are keen to invest into the future
• Industry professionals who want to diversify their skills
• CFOs / CXOs wanting to have a cutting edge in the market
• Professionals who are keen to be a part of this revolution on Blockchain Technology

Benefit for Members of ICAI

• Members of ICAI will be awarded 30 CPE hours for successfully completing the Course.
• All participants who have successfully completed the Course will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.
• Fees for the Five Days Course is Rs. 20,000 + 18% GST. This includes reading material and lunch, tea, etc.

Interested candidates should visit https://pqc.icai.org for batch details and online registration. You can also contact fafp@icai.in, gdaab@icai.in for further details.