Women Members Empowerment Group of ICAI invites Women Specific Articles for ICAI Monthly Journal

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Newly constituted Women Members Empowerment Group (WMEG) of ICAI, with an objective of empowering women members’ plans to organizes various Programmes & Webinars across India for the benefit of Women Members at large.

As part of the initiatives of the WMEG, women members are being invited to contribute women-specific article for ICAI monthly journal The Chartered Accountant. The length of the article should be 2500-3000 words. For April onwards issue of journal, the article should be submitted by 5th of the preceding month.

The article should be original, i.e. not published/broadcasted/hosted elsewhere including any website and free of plagiarism. A declaration in this regard should be submitted to the Institute in writing at the time of submission of the article.

For guidance on writing article, please refer link https://icai.org/new_post.html?post_id=2556 for reference.

The article can be sent by e-mail at wmec@icai.in. For any query, please contact WMEG at (011) 30110431.